managing team


founder & owner

Ferre started as a freelance web designer in secondary occupation. What has realized some successful collaborations with large companies and other marketing agencies. But Ferre dreamed of more than that. At the beginning of 2021, started as a multi-service digital marketing agency and the team quickly expanded. In addition to Tommy as operation director, a team of experts is on hand.


operations director

Tommy is fairly new to the team but by no means indispensable. He has actually been there long before Theredkey was a company. He is responsible for directing all operations going on in the company. Both the contact between the company and the customers and between Ferre and the team of experts. Each case is closely followed by Tommy.

In the beginning of theredkey, we never dreamed that this would lead to such a success. In half a year we have been able to go from the local coffee shop to the largest companies in the country. And from a one-man business to a team of 5. For that we would like to thank all the people who relied on threredkey even in when we had little or no experience. 

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